Newborn seahorses are so cute

Krabi Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center

Another day comes when we decide that it’s not gonna be a beach day, so in the morning Guna does some research online. By the way, ‘to research’ apparently is now synonymous with googling so no jokes here. At the moment 10 km is our comfort zone on the scooter and we have a ‘bingo’. Guna discovers a place with some nice Nemo or clownfish photos and a ridiculously serious name. Gotta go!

Krabi Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center

Krabi Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center entrance
Krabi Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center entrance

15-minute ride later we arrive at the entrance. The gates look fine, but at first glance, there are just ponds, some facilities and sheds around. If you decide to come here, don’t be put off by this and the average ratings on Tripadvisor and Google Maps, as there definitively are things kids will enjoy and like at the centre.

We came just in time for the feeding of giant groupers. This time the name lived up to itself. The fish were huge. Staff told that adult fish weigh around 100 kilos and are predators. We forgot to ask about humans, but wouldn’t want to be in the same river with these beasts. Listen to the sound some of the fish make when catching food!

The highlight of our visit was the chance to see the breeding of seahorses. I don’t know what it is about these creatures, but they evoke very positive emotions. The seahorse breeding area is actually fenced from visitors access but if you ask stuff politely, they let you access it. Watch the whole video about our visit below.

A word about bathrooms. This was the second time in Thailand when we came across the ‘feet’ as in an elevated sanitary construction you can squat on. But other than this, the bathrooms were really clean, well maintained and with running water.

Chilling out on the Ao Nam Mao Beach

Two kids walking on the deserted Ao Nam Mao Beach
Ao Nam Mao Beach all to ourselves

On the way home, kids demand some beach time. Thanks to Google Maps Guna easily locates the closest road that leads to the Ao Nam Mao Beach. For some reason there’s very little infrastructure around here, so we have the beach pretty much to ourselves.

Ao Nam Mao beach fishermen's hut
Ao Nam Mao beach fishermen’s hut

We even get to hang out in a little hut and enjoy the shade. The format seems to be rather popular in the service industry as we see lots of these used by taxi drivers, construction people and street hustlers.

We’re going on the ‘Four Islands Tour’

Coming back from the seaside we stop at a small farm that offers horse riding and has an advert for trips around the nearby islands which we want to still take while in Ao Nang. The owner has himself a boat and agrees on a private tour for 2000 Baht (51 EUR / 60 USD) for the four of us. Another score, as the tour would cost us 2200 Baht together with a group of other people. Fingers crossed that it turns out as expected, i.e., safety vests, no extra costs, etc. If it doesn’t? Well, it’ll be an adventure to remember all the more.

Mikus falls asleep about half-way home on the scooter, squeezed between Kristaps and Guna. Another first for us!

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