How to cut pineapple with zero (ok, very little) waste

Street vendors will cut your pineapples in Thailand to promote sales

While hanging around Ao Nang and Krabi the past month, we’ve noticed a never-seen-by-us and a clever way how to cut a pineapple. If you are even a little bit like us then you must also have been irritated by the amount of the golden goodness that you have to cut off and throw away because it is too close to a pineapple’s skin where the darker spots start.¬†Turns out, there’s a solution for that. Enjoy the Thai way of peeling and cutting pineapples. We’re certain to bring this skill home and impress our guests from now on.

In the video the vendor does the cutting first with a knife but then switches to what she called a “specialist tool”. I asked if this can be bought somewhere. Apparently no, it’s home made¬†(business idea, anybody!). However, if you don’t need to peel and cut gazillion pineapples a day you can easily do this with a nice sharp knife.

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